What is OrdPres, Who am I and Why I Started It?

So, Hello Everyone My First Blog Post on OrdPres. Franky speaking I’m new to this blogging world and I’m quite nervous about it. But sooner or later you have to start it. So, Let’s start.

So, Who am I?

I’m Abhijit Das, From Kolkata (The City of Joy), India. Currently, I’m working in a Software Company as Node.js Developer, also have some knowledge in Front end Technology like Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS stuff. Basically I can start a website alone and finish it.

But you may be wondering, wait WordPress is in PHP right? Yes, I’ve some knowledge of WordPress Too.

Now, let’s talk about the Blog and why I Started It?

Now the Big Question, What is OrdPres?

In a simple word, OrdPres is a Place where you will get Valuable and How-To information about Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO, Programming and Soon I’m gonna start YouTube Chanel, Facebook Page, etc and share information about How you can leverage those platform to grow your Online Presence (Basically I’m Gonna Help You Grow Your Business in Todays Online World)

But didn’t I say, I’m new to this Blogging World, then how I’m gonna Help You do all that I just said.

You are right. But remember I have got a technical background. So, I can definitely help you with that.

But what about Digital Marketing, SEO and Growing your online Business Footprint?

Yes, those are really important. Frankly speaking From my personal experience, many people (Like Me) get stuck there because If you want to become a programmer. You can do that, just join some good programming courses from LinkedIn (I Prefer) or Udemy or Free Resource Like YouTube and you are good to go. Even You will get a Job in Those industries.

But on the other hand, Growing Your Business Online through Digital Marketing, Building Back Link For SEO, Doing Email Marketing – You have to learn a lot, and here I’m Going to Help you.

But How?

I’m gonna do the heavy lifting for you. First, learn it and then implement it and show you how I implemented it in a step by step fashion. So, you can implement that too in your business domain and get the desired output.

and as a bonus, I’m gonna share what’s not working for me. So, you can avoid that too.

Why I Started OrdPres?

From the above conversation between you and me. You already get a hint about why I Started OrdPres.

Breaking My Fear of Going into the Unknown:

Yes, you heard me right. Blogging, SEO, Email Marketing all this term, those are quite scary to me. Yes, I’m quite fluent in Technical Staff like buying hosting, domain, building my own plug-in, theme, handling Database.

But SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Growing Social Media Presence, those are really new stuff to me.

One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.


Fun Learning New Concept and Helping Others:

Yes, learning is fun. Why? because until you know about something is scary, but once you know it. It just feels awesome.

Did you ever help someone? I know you did. It feels awesome right. Yes. Helping others gives you ultimate pleasure and happiness and satisfaction. The best part about helping others is, you become a valuable person in their life and also they will ask you questions, which you never thought about before. So, it gives you a new angle to look at the problem you are trying to solve.

So, My advice to you is to Help as many people as you can.

Now Let Me Give You Some Value and Tell You What Tools I’m Using To Write This Post.

Which Platform I’m Using To Write This Blog?

I’m Using WordPress To Write This Blog.

What WordPress Plugins I’m Using?

1. Loginizer: It is a WordPress plugin that helps you fight against brute force attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. You can blacklist or whitelist IPs for login using Loginizer.
2. Yoast SEO: It’s one of the best SEO Plugin For WordPress. This plugin is all in all SEO Plugin For WordPress. It can Help You with On Page SEO by Keyword oriented Title and Page Meta Description, Generate XML Sitemap For Your Website, which will boost your google page indexing. In one word, Just Use This WordPress Plugin. It has Premium Features, But I’m Using The Free Version.

What Them I’m Using?

Currently, I’m using Verbosa WordPress Theme. Which is a Free, neat, and clean theme for WordPress. However, You can Use a Paid Theme with lots of features.

But initially, I recommend you not to go in that direction, No because You have to pay for it. But those big theme has lots of features and you can customize everything, which is bad at the beginning.

Because you will be overwhelmed and instead of doing what matters for your online business (Like creating a Blog Post, Creating Your Product, or Improving It.), You will start doing those things which have less impact on your business.

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